State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP)

There are two health plan carriers available to you, and multiple plan options under those carriers. 

Anthem offers four plan options: three HRA plans and one HMO plan.  The HMO plan option provides in-network coverage only, and requires copays for many services.

UnitedHealthcare offers an HMO similar to the Anthem plan, along with a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP).  The HDHP has the highest deductible and out-of-pocket costs, but the lowest premiums.


Premium Information

Important Documents

Whitfield County Schools pays a significant portion of your health insurance premiums. This financial contribution reduces your premium for a quality health plan at a competitive cost.

Anthem Plan Options

The Anthem plans include Gold, Silver, and Bronze HRA plan options, and an HMO plan option.  On the HRA plan options, most services are subject to a deductible and there are no copays.  After you meet your in-network deductible, you pay coinsurance up to the out-of-pocket maximum.  For prescription drugs, you pay a percentage of the retail cost.  The HRA plans include a plan-funded Health Reimbursement Account to reduce / offset your deductible and pharmacy expenses (unused balances carry forward into new plan years).  Preventive care is covered at 100% in-network before the deductible, and certain drug costs are waived if you participate in a Disease Management Program (diabetes, asthma and coronary artery disease).  To participate, contact Anthem.

The HMO plan option has the lowest deductible out of all plans, but provides in-network coverage only.  Some services (office visits, ER visits, and prescription drugs) are covered at 100% after a copay.  For most other services, you are responsible for a deductible and coinsurance until you meet your out-of-pocket maximum.  Please be aware that copays do not count towards your deductible.  Preventive care is always covered at 100% before the deductible, and certain drug costs are waived if you participate in a Disease Management Program (diabetes, asthma and coronary artery disease).  To participate, contact Anthem.

UnitedHealthcare Plan Options

The UnitedHealthcare plans include an HMO option and a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) option.  This HMO plan has the same benefits as the Anthem HMO, but utilizes the UHC network. Visit for more information.

The HDHP plan has the lowest premiums, highest deductible, and highest maximum out-of-pocket costs.  All services, including pharmacy, are subject to the deductible and coinsurance, and there are no copays with this plan.  Once you meet your deductible, you pay coinsurance until you satisfy the out-of-pocket maximum.  As with the other State Health plan options, wellness incentive points can be earned by High Deductible Health Plan members.

Pharmacy Benefits

CVS Caremark is the pharmacy vendor for all medical options. 

  • For the HRA, you pay a percentage of the cost subject to a minimum and maximum per prescription. 
  • For the HMO plans, prescription drugs are covered at 100% after a copay at participating pharmacies.  
  • For the High Deductible Health Plan, prescription drugs are subject to deductible and then coinsurance, similar to other medical services. 


The pharmacy costs are included in your out-of-pocket maximums, and a mail order benefit for a 90 day supply is also available. 


Transfers from Other Georgia Systems

  • If you are transferring from another Georgia system, you must keep your current medical coverage for the remainder of the plan year.
  • No changes are allowed to your SHBP coverage until the next Open Enrollment period, unless you have a Qualifying Life Event (QLE).


For active employees with spouses that are enrolled in Medicare and not disabled, SHBP is primary.  The spouse is not required to elect Part B (medically necessary services such as outpatient care and preventive care) until the active employee retires.  However, the spouse will automatically receive Part A (hospital insurance). 

Anthem HRA Plan - Gold In | Out Anthem HRA Plan - Silver In | Out Anthem HRA Plan - Bronze In | Out Anthem OR UHC HMO Plan In (No Out-of-Network Coverage) UHC HDHP Plan In | Out
$1,500 | $3,000 $2,000 | $4,000 $2,500 | $5,000 $1,300 $3,500 | $7,000
You + Child(ren) / Spouse
$2,250 | $4,500 $3,000 | $6,000 $3,750 | $7,500 $1,950 $7,000 | $14,000
You + Family
$3,000 | $6,000 $4,000 | $8,000 $5,000 | $10,000 $2,600 $7,000 | $14,000
Medical Out-of-Pocket Max
$4,000 | $8,000 $5,000 | $10,000 $6,000 | $12,000 $4,000 $6,450 | $12,900
You + Child(ren) / Spouse
$6,000 | $12,000 $7,500 | $15,000 $9,000 | $18,000 $6,500 $12,900 | $25,800
You + Family
$8,000 | $16,000 $10,000 | $20,000 $12,000 | $24,000 $9,000 $12,900 | $25,800
Coinsurance (Plan Pays)
85% | 60% 80% | 60% 75% | 60% 80% 70% | 50%
HRA Credits
$400 $200 $100 N/A N/A
You + Child(ren) / Spouse
$600 $300 $150 N/A N/A
You + Family
$800 $400 $200 N/A N/A
Coins after ded Coins after ded Coins after ded $200 copay Coins after ded
Urgent Care
Coins after ded Coins after ded Coins after ded $35 copay Coins after ded
PCP Visit
Coins after ded Coins after ded Coins after ded $35 copay Coins after ded
Specialist Visit
Coins after ded Coins after ded Coins after ded $45 copay Coins after ded
Preventive Care
100% | None 100% | None 100% | None 100% 100% | None


The medical plans include a telemedicine benefit, which allows you to speak to a participating doctor from home or work through your smartphone, tablet or computer 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

You must use in-network providers for coverage to apply.  HMO members pay a copay and HRA members pay coinsurance for telemedicine.  High Deductible Health Plan members can access this benefit subject to the health plan deductible.

Download the LiveHealth online (Anthem) or the Virtual Visits (UHC) mobile app for convenient access when you need it, and remember to consider using telemedicine for non-complex medical conditions. 

More information is available under Resources.

Enrollment - ADP Portal

How to complete your State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) Enrollment through the ADP Portal.


SHBP Homepage

Dependent Verification

  • If you wish to add dependent(s) (spouse and / or children) to your health plan, ADP will contact you (by mail and email) to request appropriate verification documents.  If you do not receive the request, contact SHBP directly to have the request sent to you.  They can be reached at (800) 610-1863.
  • The communication from ADP will include a personalized fax cover sheet with a bar code that must be used when submitting documentation.
  • Appropriate documentation must be attached to the fax cover page and provided by the deadline set by ADP.
  • Non-verified dependents cannot be added until the next open enrollment period and would require appropriate documentation.
  • Additional information can be found on the SHBP website.

Additional Resources

Go Online for More Resources

Access the two following plan websites to locate the participating providers and to find health and wellness tools, plan details, and to print ID cards. 



Select "Find Care' from the Main Menu and then follow instructions to find a doctor.



Select "Search for a Provider" under the Benefits drop down. Select "Choice HMO" or "HDHP with HSA" and follow the search instructions.

Other Medical Plan Options

TriCare Supplement Plan

The TriCare Supplement Plan is available for retired military employees, and is a supplement to your current TriCare benefits.  The plan provides reimbursement of copays and other medical expenses associated with your current TriCare plan.  Additional information can be found here.



PeachCare for Kids

The state of Georgia offers an affordable health insurance program called PeachCare for Kids.  This plan provides healthcare, dental, and vision benefits for children up to age 19.  To learn if you are eligible, and to obtain benefits, cost, and application information, click here.