Perks at Work

Perks at Work is your exclusive employee discounts platform, designed to help save you money and time. With over 30,000 offers available, you can find the perks that matter to you, from everyday purchases to large special purchases.

Exclusive Savings

The Employee Pricing Program offers exclusive access to best-in-market pricing, and their unique relationship with brands allows them to provide such deep discounts to their network.

Perks at Work  gives you access to 30,000+ national & local employee discounts and over 20 different categories ranging from Electronics, Home Appliances, Food & Groceries, Car Buying, Travel, Fitness, and more.


Community Online Academy (COA) 

COA is a free resource of live and on-demand classes for both adults and kids from wellness to personal development.  Join the community to get healthier, smarter, support each other and help those in need in 2021 and beyond.

Live Classes

There are 100+ free virtual courses for kids and adults, focused on learning and fun - taught by the highest quality teachers, instructors, and speakers from our community. Attend courses live on Thursdays or watch them on-demand - the courses are designed to fit into your unique schedule. 

On-Demand Classes

Over 2,500 video classes on demand on dozens of topics:

  • Kids: Coding Python, Drawing, Karate, Hip Hop Dance & more
  • Wellness: Back Pain, Boxing Fitness, Dance, Cooking, Yoga Nidra, & more
  • Thought Leaders: Negotiation, Leadership, Culture, & more


Personal Development 

In the 21st century, the new competitive advantage is developing your people faster than others. Our technologies help build high-performance individuals, teams & organizations.

Offer Categories

The platform uses personalization to recommend offers that may be relevant to you in these categories:

  • Travel – flights, hotels, car rentals
  • Health and fitness
  • Electronics,Tickets, and Restaurants
  • Home and Garden, Flowers and Gifts
  • Financial Wellbeing


  • Visit and click “Register for Free” at the bottom right hand corner of the page.
  • Register by following the instructions to active your account.
  • You can also invite up to five friends and family members to share in the savings.

Savings That Matter