Sick Leave & Disability

The Board enables employees to accumulate "sick leave" days, for which you will receive full pay if you are injured or ill and cannot work.  With consistent attendance and increased tenure, you may accumulate up to 90 days of sick leave credit.  Sick leave must be exhausted before the disability benefit begins.


Disability coverage provides an income replacement benefit once your sick days are exhausted.  You may choose from 7 different waiting periods: the shortest waiting period is 7 days, and the longest is 180 days.  Sick days will reduce your elimination period in the event of disability.  You may also choose any monthly benefit amount in increments of $100, from $400 up to $7,000, not to exceed 60% of your monthly earnings.  The longer the benefit waiting period, the lower the premium.  Benefits are available up to age 65 (or normal retirement age) if you remain disabled. 


Premium Information

Important Documents

Pre-Existing Conditions

12 Month Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion

The plan pays a limited benefit for disabilities caused by pre-existing conditions during the first 12 months of disability coverage. 

A pre-existing condition is a sickness or physical condition for which you have been diagnosed or treated during the immediate 6 months prior to your coverage effective date.

You may elect up to the maximum benefit as a new hire with no health questions.  Future increases in coverage will be subject to the pre-existing condition limitation.

Expectant Mothers

A “normal delivery” is the only situation in a disability plan where there is a pre-set benefit period: 6 weeks after delivery.  This does not mean that you will receive 6 weeks of payment from the disability plan.  Sick leave will be used first, then, if you have met the waiting period you selected, the plan will pay benefits for the remainder of the 6 week period.  If you deliver by C-section or complications require you to be out longer, benefits can extend beyond the 6-week period.

Disability & Sick Leave Considerations

You’re able to accumulate up to 90 days of sick leave for which you will receive full pay if you’re injured or ill and unable to work.  You may enroll in the disability plan which provides an income replacement benefit once your sick leave days are exhausted.  You may choose your monthly benefit amount and when you would like your benefit to start.  Below are some key things to remember when evaluating your disability options:

  • Consider your sick leave balance when making your disability plan election.  
  • To avoid overpaying for your disability plan benefit, be sure to choose a waiting period option that exceeds your sick leave balance.
  • Depending on the dates and duration of your leave, and your accrued sick leave days, you may have a gap between your sick pay and when the disability benefit begins.  Work days are used for your sick leave exhaustion, and calendar days are used for the disability plan waiting period.

Below are a few examples of sick leave combined with disability coverage.  To reiterate, the benefit start date and sick leave exhaustion depend on the specific dates of your leave of absence.

  • Benefits are payable up to age 65

    • If age 66-69, there is a limit of benefit duration; more information is available in the SPD on the Resources page

  • Disability plans are not portable