2017 Sick Leave & Disability

Disability coverage with VOYA Financial provides a benefit in the event that you are unable to work due to accident or illness.  This coverage provides an income replacement benefit to you if you become temporarily or permanently disabled.  When you are making your disability benefit election, it is recommended that you consider how long you would be able to pay your bills without a continuous income should you not be able to work.
The Board enables employees to accumulate "sick leave" days. These are days for which you will receive full pay if you are sick or injured and cannot work. Sick days will reduce your elimination period in the event of disability.  With good attendance and the longer you work, you may accumulate up to 90 days of sick leave credit.  In the event of a disability that exceeds your sick leave credit, Whitfield County Schools offers disability coverage with VOYA Financial.  The disability plan provides income protection when your accumulated sick days are exhausted.  You may choose from seven (7) different benefit start dates and you may choose any monthly benefit amount in multiples of $100 up to 60% of your monthly earnings.  The longer the benefit waiting period, the lower the premium.  Benefits are available up to age 65 if you remain disabled. You must be actively-at-work in order for disability coverage to apply.  The disability benefit is not portable.

About your Disability Options

You may elect disability coverage in increments of $100 up to $7,000 not to exceed 60% of your earnings, see the table below for your disability options. The benefit continues up to age 65 should you remain disabled. There is a limited benefit duration for disability at ages 66-69.  See Disability Plan Document for details.
Disability Options
Increments of $100 to a maximum of $7,000 not to exceed 60% of earnings

Options Waiting Period Benefit Duration
Option 1 7 days to age 65
Option 2

14 days

Option 3 30 days
Option 4 45 days
Option 5 60 days
Option 6 90 days
Option 7 180 days (LTD only)
For example, an employee has selected Option 2 with a 14 day waiting period.  She has also accumulated 20 days of sick leave. She gets injured and is out of work per doctor's orders for 45 days.  The first 20 days out of work are covered by her sick leave benefit.  On day 21, her disability insurance begins because she has exhausted her sick leave benefit and fulfilled the waiting period requirement.

Example Rates

Example rates for an employee with a salary of $30,000 are below.  To confirm monthly costs for specific disability options, call the Benefits Service Center at 1-855-481-1489.
Example #1: $30,000 Salary, $500 Monthly Benefit            
Option Elimination Period   Monthly Deduction
1 7 days $7.54
2 14 days  $6.23
3 30 days $4.92
4 45 days $4.62
5 60 days $4.09
6 90 days  $3.90
7 180 days (LTD only) $2.37
Example #2: $30,000 Salary, $1,000 Monthly Benefit
Option Elimination Period   Monthly Deduction
1 7 days $15.08
2 14 days  $12.45
3 30 days $9.83
4 45 days $9.23
5 60 days $8.18
6 90 days  $7.80
7 180 days (LTD only) $4.73
Example #3: $30,000 Salary, $1,500 Monthly Benefit (Maximum benefit)
Option Elimination Period   Monthly Deduction
1 7 days $22.62
2 14 days  $18.68
3 30 days $14.75
4 45 days $13.85
5 60 days $12.27
6 90 days  $11.70
7 180 days (LTD only) $7.10

Expectant Mothers

A “normal delivery” is the only situation in a disability plan where there is a pre-set benefit period- 6 weeks after delivery. This does not mean that you will receive the 6 weeks of payment from the disability plan.  Sick leave will be used first, then, if you have met the waiting period you selected, the plan will pay benefits for the remainder of the 6 week period. If you deliver by C-section or complications require you to be out longer, benefits can extend beyond the 6-week period.

Pre-existing Limitation

If you've received treatment within 12 months prior to the plan effective date, there is no disability coverage arising out of that condition for that first 12 months of coverage. 

Documents & Additional Info

Disability Plan Document

Evidence of Insurability Form - Submit this form to VOYA should you elect disability coverage that is pending for Evidence of Insurability

FMLA Form - Employee

FMLA Form - Family Member

Contact VOYA

For additional information about your disability benefits, please contact the Benefits Service Center at 1-855-481-1489 or VOYA at www.voya.com or 800-955-7736.

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