2017 State Health Benefits Plan (SHBP)

2017 State Health Benefit Plan Options
You have the following medical choices for 2017:  
HRA - 3 plan options with BlueCross BlueShield or United Healthcare
HMO - BlueCross BlueShield or United Healthcare
HDHP - United Healthcare
All plans options include Wellness Incentive Credits.  Read below for a summary of plan benefits and wellness program components.


 2016 med plan comparison detail

locate a network provider

To locate an In-Network provider from one of the medical vendors, click a link below.

BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS)



2017 Wellness Program

HealthWays provides comprehensive well-being and incentive programs for all SHBP members.  The 2017 HRAs, HMOs, and HDHP plan options include a Health Incentive Account.  Wellness tasks must be completed between January 15, 2017 and December 15, 2017, and incentive credits are earned when tasks are completed.


Employees are eligible to earn up to $480 for employee compliance and $480 for spouse compliance (if spouse is covered) up to a maximum amount of $960 in 2017.

For additional details, review the SHBP Well-Being Program Brochure and website links below:

medical premiums



Beginning January 1, 2014, individuals have access to affordable health care through a new competitive insurance market called the Health Insurance Marketplace.  Click here for additional information.



Contact State Health Benefit Plan at (800) 610–1863 or visit the State Health Website.