2017 Peachcare for Kids - Children's Health Insurance Program

Eligibility for PeachCare for Kids®

Your children may be eligible for PeachCare for Kids®. Eligibility must be determined annually. A child may be eligible if they are:

• Georgia Resident
• Under age 19
• A U.S. citizen or an eligible immigrant
• Not covered by or eligible for Medicaid
• Not a resident in an institution
• Within the income ranges established for participation
• Not covered by other group health insurance*

*If a child has group health insurance that is voluntarily dropped, there is usually a six-month waiting period before that child can be eligible for PeachCare for Kids. However, since dependents of state employees have been excluded from participating in PeachCare for Kids since inception, this six-month waiting period will be waived for these children for a limited time. After this limited time period expires, the six-month waiting period for dropping coverage will apply.

How to Apply

• Complete an application online at www.peachcare.org or download a paper application from the website. You may also call 1-877-427-3224 to have an application mailed to you. Be sure to send in all required documents to show proof of income, citizenship, and identity. The processing time is about 10 days from the date or receipt of all information needed to determine eligibility.

• PeachCare for Kids will determine eligibility for your child and will let you know if:
> Your child is eligible and is being enrolled in PeachCare for Kids, or
> Your child is below the income requirement and your application is being forwarded to Medicaid, or
> Your child is above the income requirement or not otherwise eligible.


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