2017 ID Watchdog Identity Theft

The ID Theft plan is offered by ID Watchdog. ID Watchdog has extensive protection for you and your familiy. 

Becoming a victim of identity theft is a serious and time consuming problem. Today, someone has their identity stolen about every 2 seconds. ID theft occurs when an unauthorized party uses your personal information such as name, Social Security number, or credit card/bank account to assume your identity and commit a criminal act.

Did you know that identity theft victims spend on average 165 hours repairing the damage done by the creation of fraudulent accounts and an additional 58 hours spent on existing accounts?

Benefits include, but are not limited to:

Tri-Bureau Credit Monitoring

Rapid Credit Alerts

Monthly Credit Score Tracking

Non-Credit Monitoring

Social Network Alerts

Registered Sex Offender Reporting

100% Fully-Managed Resolution up to $1M


 ID WD 2

Enrollment is Easy! Just A few Simple Steps

Once you complete your elections for your Whitfield County Schools benefits and are enrolled in the ID Watchdog Identity Theft Plan.

  • You will register and confirm your ID Watchdog account.
  • Initial baseline scan begins within 24 hours of registration
  • Protective monitoring and 24/7 threat migration
  • Monthly summary and alerts as needed + 24/7 support


Employee Only  $8.95
Family $17.95

Contact ID Watchdog IDENTITY THEFT

Visit www.idwatchdog.com or call 1-800-970-5182 for additional information.