2017 Accident Insurance

Whitfield County Schools offers an accident plan with Humana. It can be difficult to financially plan for the unexpected. This plan provides a capped benefit for reimbursement of medical expenses resulting from a non-occupational/non-work related accidental injury.

  • The benefit is 100% of billed provider/hospital charges up to the maximum benefit allowed per accident of $1,500
  • The benefit covers an unlimited number of accidents per calendar year. 
  • Ambulance, hospital indemnity and AD&D benefits are also included.  

The Humana accident plan is an effective companion product to the health plan because it provides financial protection from the unexpected, and will help offset the costs of your deductible associated with an accident.

Some exclusions are as follows:

All sicknesses including pregnancy, work-related injuries, services not medically necessary, being intoxicated in accordance with state laws, alcoholism, voluntary inhalation of gas/fumes/taking of poison, driving in any race or speed test or while testing an automobile or vehicle on any racetracks or speedway, injury while skydiving, hang gliding, parachuting, scuba diving, rodeo, or while participating in organized football, aviation except flight in a scheduled passenger aircraft, being under the influence of a narcotic/drug, intentionally self-inflicted injury, hernia, carpel tunnel syndrome, or any complication therefrom, bacterial infections.

Examples of Covered Accidents and How the Claim Process Works  

  • You are outside doing yard work and cut yourself with the lawn trimmer. You go to the emergency room for treatment. The emergency bill reflecting charges of $1,620 should be submitted to Humana with the claim form. You would receive up to the maximum allowable benefit for this accident, which is $1,500, since the claim is for a greater amount.
  • Two weeks later, you are inside painting and fall off of the ladder. You suffer from a back injury, and the total medical expenses are $820. After submitting the bill, along with the claim form to Humana, the plan would reimburse you $820 for this accident.  
  • Your son is playing soccer and sprains his ankle. The emergency bill is $650. Submit the bill along with the claim form to Humana and the benefit is $650.

Termination of Coverage

  • Employee and eligible spouse, coverage terminates at age 67
  • Coverage for eligible child(ren) dependent(s) is up to age 26

Humana Accident Monthly Payroll Deductions

Employee Only $11.22
Employee + Spouse $16.16
Employee + Child(ren) $23.92
Family $28.82

Documents & Additional Information


Contact Humana

Contact the Benefits Service Center at 1-855-481-1489 or Humana at 1-877-378-1505 for additional information about your accident plan.

Submitting a claim

Submit your accident claim via mail or fax to Humana:

Kanawha Insurance Company (A Humana Company)

P.O. Box 13068

Green Bay, WI 54344

Fax: (502) 405-7107